6/6/13 the final post!

My goals aren’t the best they could have been.  I learned how to do a professional interview.  To hire people in a job you have to have a cover letter and a resume.  My instructional skills are improving well.  My Active listening skills are improving well I can watch something and learn what happen in it to.  My experience in business comm was a great one I learned a lot in here and I can use it in the real world.  my goal was to write better like my penmanship, it get better along the way.  I grow 15 inches from the beginning of the class I am proud of myself.  My penmanship improved a lot from the beginning if this class. People could barely read it but now they can read it clear as day.

My E-mail skills improved from day one of emailing, I learned how to use my calendar to sit up a meeting or a interview and the time the interview is on.



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