American Pikers

a old radio. other guys offer was 60$    mike and franks offer was 30 dollars sold for 30 bucks the profit was 100$

three old gas pumps, other guys offer 3 of them for 450$ and mike and franks offer was 3 of them for 350$ it sold at 350$ the profit they said was they could sell it at 500

A olden gin sign, other guys offer was 200$ and Mike and Frank offered 200$ too, sold they said they could sell it for 350$



Well I think the interviews went well.

well same thing that didn’t go too well was one didn’t show up for the interview.

well both of my interviewers have good eye contact and were really hard workers.

Can a well written resume and cover letter be a good first impression well kinda it’s your appearance and if you are going to get the job done.