For B.C. runners, explosions mark a Boston Marathon they won’t forget

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Global News

Langley’s Al McBeth won’t soon forget the sound of shattering glass and the choking stench of smoke that sent him running for his life on a sunny Monday afternoon in Boston.

Moments earlier, McBeth had been standing with his 22-year-old daughter Taylor McBeth in a crowd of thousands of jubilant spectators at the finish line of the prestigious Boston Marathon. The pair had been watching carefully for a glimpse of Cathy Gutkowski, McBeth’s wife and Taylor’s mom, who was due to complete her first Boston race any moment.

The first explosion sent glass, smoke and bodies “flying all over the place,” McBeth told Kamloops reporter Shelby Thom of CHNL Radio.

He and his daughter quickly hopped over a barricade and ran into the middle of the marathon course as a second blast erupted to the side, knocking dozens of panicked, bloodied people down onto the concrete road and sidewalks.


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