Learn to type faster– so I don’t fall behind in class when we are typing and for myself too.  My penmanship so I can write better and so people can read it.      Listen in class it will help me understand my assignments and what we are doing in class.


learning and list

today i leared that we all need to make logys and listening to mrs.H when you are trying to get a job you have to listening to your manager and workers or boss. im not a good listener at all i talk to much to my homies! i need to inprove in my listening skills to know what im workin on.

heyy its randy p


Welcome to Business Communications! This is the Web 2.0 technology we will use to submit collaborative work and feedback on assignments or projects.

Safety online – Always remain “anonymous” when online for our class as we create your account and blog name.  Use first name only for our purposes to ‘close’ your post.  We reviewed details in class to ensure set-up is consistent — thank you for listening so carefully!

IMPORTANT: Make sure you are logged into your own WP account before accessing this one so you can post comments that “track” back to your own blog.  Then classmates can “click” on your blog and become “followers” if you approve them.

For those of you that haven’t accessed a WordPress account in the past, let’s have our first assignment in “Blogging” for business communications be a response to this post: Give a positive shout out to finishing our 1st 3 days in class (post it below)

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